Maybe You Can with a Miniskirt in Neon Color? Them Yes! Try These Low-Cost Versions

The other day my colleague Chloe He proposed us tricks so that the neon colors not be us rise to head, and today what I propose is to give the absolute importance of your outfit to a mini & #8230; in neon. Yes, it may seem shocking and only for daring (sometimes even just to flat). But it is not so if you know how to do it.

For example Julia Sarr-Jamois (I love her personal style, daring, funny and original but always) by distilling class): so its neon yellow lace pencil skirt is not heavy the combined with a simple short sleeve cotton t-shirt in grey and black boots. Nothing more, what load the styling?

Although you can that you want to combine it with a total look in black: This uses a blouse and thick tights. Warning! This option makes the skirt (yet) most striking…

Do you feel like? Take a look at the low – cost & #8230;

Today already are some firms low cost that they offer us this so bold clothing. You only have to find which go further with your style and adapt it to your closet, will be those that try this trend?

  • Miniskirt of Pink lace Bershka
  • Skirt pencil type Tejano in turquoise Topshop acid
  • Pink lace miniskirt Neon Primark
  • Miniskirt in Orange Pull & Bear
  • Smooth miniskirt in Turquoise Blue White
  • Skirt pencil type Asos neon Orange

I prefer version (u dislike you less)?