Hangover Post Gala Met 2013. How Do Celebrities Look?

We like how the red carpets, and the Met usually win the game up to the Oscars. Is it that there is always a theme and stars dare to risk more or will be that it is a typical fashion gala and the occasion requires. I have told everything by active and passive, now we are going with the after…

Diane Kruger as always it epata, the news in it is make it look not splendid. The day after shares the life of a mere mortal: cannot be avoided, better without makeup, with glasses and natural as life itself. So lucia at Los Angeles Airport.

Carey Mulligan, protagonist of fashion these days with which already tilda’s wonderful the Great Gatsby, we will see if it is at the height of its original with a Robert Redford who you fall in love, takes the most desired summer jacket and makes it walking the streets of New York.

Dakota Fanning It also from airport to airport and does so with the risk that I presume someone so young, it is not to share it, but I prefer it to something boring. His bag, which I guess is a Longchamp, with roses and aircraft, their shoes with spikes, his leather jegging pants… you nothing is missing!

Emma Watson who also looked openings here and there and whose look had many similarities with the Carey, opt for fishing trousers, shoes oxford in nude color, and a touch sailor male which gives a very modern look and.

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