Going Festival? Follows in The Footsteps of The Stars

No, I speak not road Creamery but of how the stars of the film and the song give us the key to top off the look that we thought in the Music Festival that awaits us here and there. They are not Festival, rather than that created by the street on their way, but their outfits they are perfectly extrapolated.

Emma Roberts at the airport, and with a comfortable, informal yet modern look at the same time. Although modern… This was the key of how the girls of the street adopted the grunge style in the 1990s. Breaks your jeans and tie you a lumberjack shirt. You got it.

Chloe Sevigny never leave us indifferent, and that is without a doubt a gift. She reminds me of those old drawings that started with it’s a bird, it’s an abvion? no, it’s superraton! She sometimes makes us wonder if he is a man, if she is a woman, woman but never indifferent. He wears your t-shirt with message, that which dictates what is your favourite band.

Alessandra Ambrosio It has a festival at home, which you kids mounted at home when you have family. If we are always attentive to their outfits can be llucirse in a music festival: comfortable, practical, with notes of color, and very copyable. You only need a perfect jacket of good quality, some red skinny and attitude.