Clones: Bikinis Of Summer And Its Imitations

Not long ago, when we were talking about the first summer clones made reference to the brand Kiini bikinis. It is undoubtedly most famous bathroom garments of this season.

The peculiarities of these bikinis of summer are based on the use of a long colorful combined with bright tones and trendy crochet.

Obviously, it is easy to differentiate between a Kiini of a clone.But the truth is that fashion has been hands to work and many are the clones of quality of these bikinis of summer. Thegarments bathroom original brand are available in a multitude of different shades and at Net a Porter still costing the 310 euros that cost before rebates. It is clear that when something works, that lower price is not taken seriously.

Clones Of The Bikinis Of Summer

We will start seeing a couple of bets that saw months ago, but that can be a good alternative to carry these bikinis of summer at most affordable prices. The first is the choice of Teezenis.In this picture we see it in blue, it seems that it is the most deeply-rooted of Kiini. This full bikini price is 25 euros.

In, not only risk imitating triangle bikini because in your shop online have different options of crochet bikinis with parts of the above style bandeau and possibilities.

Do you remember this Uterqüe bikini? More than a clone of the famous Kiini is a very different reinvention. I love the halter neckline and I think it is a great choice to get out of the norm. Your price before sales was 69 euros. It is still much cheaper than the original bikini.

Finally, we will see one of the bikinis of summer approaching most in terms of style and quality to the original. It’s the Women Secret proposals. This firm was inspired by the famous Kiini full and has released their own versions of the bikini with stitching on crochet in different colors. The big difference is that those of the low-cost brand advocate the straps cross in the back. The price of the full bikini on sale around 25 euros. I am convinced that Women Secret has hit the mark with their version of the famous swimsuit.