A Designer Missed His Models Zits And Pimples Now

There are models with overweight, models with prominent pubic and underarm hair, there are models with physical disabilities, with stretch marks, with little makeup, without makeup, with pigmentation problems. There is Instagram accounts, on which stage young women – but there are also#Pretty Girls Ugly Faces and #I Am Flaw some. Everyone is nice, also the neighbor next door, we all, according to many campaigns, and designer of the past years.

Only One Did not Exist: Catwalk Models with Faces Full of Pimples.

The Malaysian designer showed exactly the Moto Guo now at Fashion week in Milan. Models with red pustules, inflamed blackheads, has been scratched skin, little purulent wounds.Which is nice-or at least very presentable, transported Moto Guo with his show.

What the women and men on the body wear-clothing,schoolyard, Boy Scout meetings and Pajamas : cares more.You look them in the face, staring out at the rough areas of the skin and the shiny, pimples for pimples.

Moto Guo has not make-up the models leave, instead he dropped back on a team of make-up artists , which, in addition to the perhaps already of course existing acne blemishes and wounds in the faces created should.

The idea is not new: the German Agency “misfit models” , for example, explicitly looking for models with brokering, it is “to remain friends the opportunity to work with your character, your all corners and edges, you”. The fashion giant American Apparel exhibited  bikinis in a2zgov.com, which grew black tufts of hair from the pubic area. Many fashion magazines show regularly also photo spreads with plus size models.

At Moto Guo, acne is used now as a new provocation. The title of the show: “Picnic In The Society”. A picnic in the company so it should be, an foray into the realm of humans. Look, of which they are made, really are made, these mammals in the order of primates, which seems Moto Guo to appeal: they are flesh and blood, bacteria. And, above all, they are not smooth, clean and equal, they have infections.

Another action, which is to remind us, that there is more in our society than the sort of man that will be presented to the most Instagram accounts? Or this is a desperate designer attempting to attract attention?

Obviously it is not Enough to Present Just Scout Clothes in Milan.

Even pimples must here that these clothes are out and they put off by what is shown in the many other shows of the fashion weeks of this world.

One of the Verpickelten by the way, that for Moto Guo ran:Christiane. You can visit them on Instagram. Your profile shows almost only Selfies. Christiane with girlfriends, with bent legs, Christiane Christiane in a white dress on the beach. All the viewers most likely thinks to himself: who is dream beautiful.Nice makeup, also with little makeup pretty, has always a good look, is not perfect-and I.